Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More cuteness

Yesterday I posted some cute pics of Luke and Charlotte together. Luke has taken more interest in her at times the last few days, so its fun to see him interacting with her! He still makes me a little nervous when he is wanting to touch her and be close but he did a good job being gentle. He did come at her nose once with the bulb syringe since we have had to use that a lot to suck out her nose the last few weks! But I got to him before he could shove it up her nostril! I am already adding more pics of them last night together and a few videos. Luke was super cute and gentle with Charlotte on the couch. The other video is of him going "night night". He has a book called "You Can Count at the Lake" he just started completing some of the phrases in it and it makes me laugh every time and he loves it... I say "eight slow snails..." and Luke says "creep creep creep!" and then I say " Nine ducks march..." and he says "Peep peep peep!". That's our favorite part!



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