Thursday, February 26, 2009

Two Lame Parents

By lame I mean not fully functional although at this point Luke may be thinking his parents are pretty "lame" to be around as well! Yesterday, JW slipped on a jobsite and his knee bent the wrong way. He spent most of the day at the hospital getting X-ray's and waiting for an orthopedic surgeon to consult with him. They couldn't get him in for an MRI so that is scheduled for Friday morning and then he meets with the surgeon again. They believe he has torn his ACL and maybe another ligament and will most likely need surgery! So this throws a whole new dimension into the baby waiting game we are playing right now. :)
I am supposed to be taking it easy however that is virtually impossible now because JW is in a big brace and on vicodin and can hardly hobble himself to the bathroom. So now I am once again sole caretaker of Luke and officially of JW as well! Needless to say my feet are pretty swollen (along with the rest of my body I think) and I'm just a little tired and stressed about how this is all going to play out. It's hard just wondering when the baby will arrive and getting Luke taken care of during that time.... now we also have to worry about when JW may have surgery and taking care of him as well before and after surgery. All I can do right now is pray for an easy delivery (much easier than Luke's) so that I can continue to take care of it all as soon as we get home from the hospital again! Yikes! I was going to take a picture of JW in his leg brace but right now that would require him to take off his pants so I think we will wait until another time for that! haha

Monday, February 23, 2009

Good Appointment!

Just a quick update on my doctor's appointment today. My blood pressure was under the dangerous level although the bottom number was just a few points away from where it would be considered high. The doctors don't seem to worry unless it actually is at 140/90. He said he thinks we are doing the right thing by having me stay home and rest and hopefully that means we can keep the blood pressure low enough and not have to induce. The 5 pounds they said I had gained between Monday and Wednesday was lost so that was either all water weight and from swelling fast with the blood pressure or it was a funky scale on Wednesday. The baby's heart rate was good and the doctor even thought she seemed pretty low so I am hoping that means she has dropped into the pelvis. That makes me feel like we are getting closer... instead of just hearing "oh she's still up pretty high". So that made me a little bit more relieved that something may be progressing. In the evenings I have been having a lot of irregular contractions so maybe that is helping push her down.
Today was really strange in that JW took Luke to his babysitter's house and usually that is always my job on the way to work. I didn't even have to get up and get him ready to go! Luke had a great time running around all day and his cousins were there as well today so I am sure he enjoyed that. I felt like I "truly" got to rest a little bit and then I did a lot of laundry, dusting, organizing... etc. So I felt like I got a lot accomplished while "resting".
I go again to the doctor next Monday, although they preface that with saying maybe they will see me in the hospital before next week! Only time will tell!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Still Pregnant...

I think at this point most women are ready to NOT be pregnant anymore. It starts to lose it's appeal especially after gaining 5-6 pounds of water weight overnight! That doesn't look quite attractive in pictures either. However, it's for a good cause and I can't wait to meet our little girl (and no we still have not decided on a name at this point). JW and I have our list of favorite names, some overlap and some do not. We agreed to wait and see what she looks like before deciding. Hopefully that will help make it easier. She better look like a.... something!!
Today was difficult because I had planned on working in the morning and get things ready for the sub and final paperwork organized and turned in. Then I had a meeting around 11:30 with my supervisor and then I thought I could go home and nap until it was time to go get Luke and pick up my car from the shop where it was getting worked on. Well, there was wayyy to much to get done in a morning and I worked all day and didn't get home until 5:30. My back, legs, feet, ankles, hips, thighs.... you name it are sore! So I am definately hoping to rest this weekend (although that never seems possible either!). But again as a reminder to how much it will all be worth it in the end- Check out the CUTEST.SOCKS.EVER...

Today was my last day working and at Parkside there are currently 5 pregnant ladies who have been taking up the hallways! Three of us are due within the same week and a half time span and the other two are due at the end of the school year. So the pregnancy jokes have been abound lately and they finally got us all together for a picture this morning. Notice how much larger my cheeks seem to have grown lately! That better be where all that water weight went. Gross huh? It has been nice to have other pregnant women to compare aches/pains/growing bellies and expectations! Now bets are on for who will be the first to pop!

Bye Bye Baby Mullet... Hello Big Boy!



Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Here we go again!

The blood pressure has started creeping up on me again! aghhh I am so discouraged because the doctors had said that was more likely to happen in a first pregnancy and not to worry about it. I was really hoping to go to my due date and work up until then and have the baby when she is ready and in position on her own! (Hopefully avoiding the horrible delivery that Lukey had). Right now, I am just hoping for the best and everything stays healthy with the baby no matter what happens. Monday I went to the doctor and my BP was a little higher than it has been running but not in a danger zone or anything. Then Tuesday I felt miserable at the end of the day... hot, tired, foggy, little jabs of stomach pains, and lots of irregular contractions. Then last night I couldn't stay asleep because of the painful pins and needles in both of my wrists. This morning at school my hands started doing pins and needles while I was working with kids. Then my tongue got all numb and then I thought the lights were bothering me but then realized I was having a hard time focusing my vision... not a good sign! So the nurse at school checked my BP and it was 138/100 and that bottom number is probably what was doing me in. I went to the doctor later in the afternoon and it was back to 128/88. They did a quick ultrasound to check the baby and luckily everything looked good with her. I didn't get to see her little face but I saw rounded out baby arms and limbs. It looks so much different than the 20 week ultrasound where they are so little and scrawny! The doctor saw good signs that the baby was doing alright but he said I need to take it easy and not return to work. I go again for my regular checkup on Monday afternoon. I am guessing they will just keep monitoring the BP and try to keep from inducing before the 38 week mark. I will do my best to relax and try to keep this baby inside until she is ready to come out.
In other news, last week for one night and then tonite we have a horrible sulfur/septic smell in our bedroom which a plumber/friend/neighbor will be out to look at tomorrow. Both times it has happened it has been a rainy day so that probably has something to do with it. I am hoping he can figure out what it is and doesn't cost a fortune to fix and is not dangerous to our health! We will be avoiding the rooms with the smell.
Luke said byebye to his baby mullet tonite. Daddy gave him a big boy haircut or at least the back trimmed (his first haircut!) I took some pre and post pics to post on here. I loved the baby mullet. Luke had a cool one. I realized it may need to be cut when it was referred to as a "joe dirt haircut" by a friend and others made comments as well! We thought he better have a respectable haircut since he is going to be a big brother soon.
Of course then on top of my health issues, the haircut, and in the midst of the sulfur smell investigation... Luke had just gotten out of the bath and in his jammies when he had diarrhea and it was leaking out of his diaper and into the footie jammies!!! aghh... oh what a night! Now that he has finally been bathed again and has been put down to bed I can finally relax and probably just go to bed myself!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Just Like Daddy

Luke is definately enjoying having his Daddy home again. Work is slow so Daddy also is getting to spend lots of time with him and that is great! I have read that toddlers start identifying with the same sex parent and I can see that starting to happen. Luke is now copying what JW does and follows him around more and more. Very cute and also it takes a little pressure off of Mommy! haha Luke waves byebye to me when JW is reading him a book before bed as if to say, "Okay, Mom I don't need you here anymore. Buh-bye!" I hope as Luke grows older and (sorry to say it honey) JW does too, that they find things they both enjoy doing and genuinely like spending time together. Here are some nice quotes I found about fathers:

"He didn't tell me how to live; He lived, and let me watch him do it." -Clarence Budington Kelland

'In the baby lies the future of the world.
Mother must hold the baby close
so that the baby knows it is his world
but the father must take him to the highest hill
so that he can see what his world is like.'
-Mayan Indian Proverb

"Being a great father is like shaving. No matter how good you shaved today, you have to do it again tomorrow."
-Reed Markham


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