Friday, March 20, 2009

2 weeks old and an almost 2 year old

Wow, Charlotte is already 2 weeks old today! She is growing fast and changing a lot already. When I look back at pictures of Luke it is amazing to see how fast he has grown. Charlotte is SUCH a good baby so far. I am really lucky so far! She is sleeping good stretches at night and during the day she is very content. She only screams when she is being bothered (baths, diaper changes, and clothing changes). When she was born we noticed right away how long and skinny her fingers and toes were! She also had very long fingernails (which was kind of creepy!). She still has a little bit of dark hair, similar to what Luke had when he was born. Her eyelashes and eyesbrows are showing up more but they are light colored right now. Her eyes are blue but may turn brown on us. They don't seem as dark as Luke's. It is soooo cute when she is falling asleep and her eyes start to flutter and she gets a cute gummy smile off and on. She is calm and observant right now. Luke was active from the start and she seems to take things slower so that is nice for a change! I think Charlotte looks a lot like her daddy right now. Something about her eyes, nose, and mouth remind me of J.W. so it will be fun to see how she changes over the next few months!

Luke has been lucky to have lots of people come over to play with him and take him on walks lately. He is experiencing some terrible two's behavior and jealousy/frustration with sharing his parent's attention with the new baby. Daddy can't get up off the couch much to play and often Mommy has things she has to do with Charlotte or the dog or the house so that is hard for Luke. He is talking more and more all the time which is very fun to hear. He constantly points things out to me "Mommy hoop!"... "Mommy bird!"... "Mommy motorcycle!"... "Mommy car!"... he keeps repeating these phrases until you comment that yes, you see the basketball hoop too. He found that he LOVES Milkshakes from McDonalds now. Daddy had one and he got to taste it and now we hear "more shakey" all the time. He has been getting to go outside now that the weather is nicer. He doesn't always find it easy to be patient and wait until Mommy is able to go outside with him and he definately does not like to be told that it is time to go inside! We have a slight obsession starting with the cartoon Go Diego Go! It is about a little boy who is an animal scientist so we learn all about animals. Luke got a dvd of 4 different episodes and we have watched it a million times already! Mommy and Daddy can't get the songs out of our heads now! Last night, Nanny (my mom) came over and brought him new shoes with Diego on them! I have never seen Luke look soooooooooooo happy! He was giggling with excitement and once they were on his feet he started running around our living room non-stop! He kept yelling "Go Diego Go!" and running and jumping and falling down on purpose. His cheeks got red, and he got all sweaty but he didn't stop running! I think those shoes gave him some special Diego powers and he had to show them off. For the first time he said "Mommy, watch.... I jump!" and then showed me a big jump in his new shoes. He gratefully gave hugs and said Thank you to his Nanny and Aunt Kaki for bringing him these wonderful shoes. It was hilarious to watch how excited he got. I think we may have to have a Diego themed birthday party if this keeps up. I want to get a picture of him in his Diego shoes but I don't know if I can get him to hold still long enough. I will try later on tonite!


Mary on March 21, 2009 at 8:16 PM said...

Charlotte is such a pretty baby! I'm sure Luke will adjust with time and he sees Charlotte is here to stay! Looking forward to stopping by to see you soon. I'll let you know.


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