Saturday, March 21, 2009

Diego Shoes

Here's Luke modeling his famous Diego shoes. He hasn't wanted to take them off since he first got them! It's funny to see a kid so excited over some shoes.
The weather has finally gotten to be warmer so earlier this week Kathryn and I took Luke and Charlotte to the park. Here are a couple cute videos of Luke and his antics. I love the way he ignores me and does a funny quick turn around in the first video lol What a weird-o! Then on the second video he says "I got shocked!" which he discovered static electricity earlier this year. At the babysitter's house he was going around shocking kids and saying, "I shock you!" and laughing when he gets a reaction.

J.W. went to the orthopedic surgeon's office Friday and they removed the staples from his leg. He was relieved to find out that didn't hurt at all! They said it would be another 4 weeks in the immobilizer brace and no bending his knee. When he goes back in a month they will tell him about starting physical therapy. It sounds like he will be recuperating at home for another 10 weeks. For now he has his whole leg in a tight brace and walks with crutches. He is still keeping it elevated as much as possible. He was able to lay on the floor for the first time and play with Luke tonight and that made Luke a very happy little boy! Which two weeks into being a big brother a happy little boy seems like a miracle! :)



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