Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter and Luke's 2nd Birthday!

Time has really been going by fast! I can't believe Charlotte is passed the 1 month milestone and now over 5 weeks old. She is getting bigger (and cuter) everyday! Luke had his 2nd birthday party combined with our family's Easter gathering. This worked out well since he didn't like the spotlight being on him last year and cried when it was time to open presents! This took some of the pressure off of him I guess haha. He still wasn't too interested in sitting and opening presents. His cousin Colin helped out because he LOVES opening presents. Luke was more interested in playing with his cousins and the toys. Luke had a Diego cake and loved taking a spoon to the side of the cake while my mom was cutting the pieces! Everyone enjoyed seeing Charlotte in her Easter dress and thought she was such a good baby and so quiet. We all caught sore throats/colds so we are all sick. Poor Charlotte caught Luke's cold the week she came home from the hospital and just now had finally gotten to where I wasn't having to clear her nose all the time and now she has an even worse cold! It makes me so sad for her. Luke was just finally getting rid of all the snot from that first illness and now he has it again full force. Hopefully it will pass through quickly and JW won't get it (he is the only one healthy right now!). Today is Luke's official birthday and I made him muffins and put 2 candles in it to blow out. He enjoyed blowing out the candles but refused to eat the muffin!

Here are some of the pictures from Luke's birthday and Easter.



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