Monday, December 8, 2008

Sinterklaas pics

Who is knocking at our door???

Luke was a lucky boy Dec. 5th and received some gifts from Sinterklaas... I'm glad he didn't get put in the bag and taken to Spain! Sinterklaas was nice and overlooked all over our pre-terrible two's tantrums we have been having lately! :) Luke found a big bag of presents on the doorstep including a nice new car, wooden blocks on a cart, a bird that "flies", a big book about Sinterklaas, tractors, Mr. Potato Head, and a few more books. He had a lot of fun eating gingerbread cookies that night and playing with all his new toys! Bedankt Oma, en Opa! I know it's not quite the same and as exciting as it is for kids in Holland but maybe we will get better at it in the next few years.

Keeping with the holiday spirit, we managed to get a tree this year and I decorated it Sunday so that we can take a picture for a christmas card again. I like the idea of that, BUT it feels like we have to rush and make sure it is done in time to send out! Last year we had a cute little 4 foot tree. I forgot how nice the small tree was last year (and I was cold and just wanted to get one quickly!) so we ended up with a tall skinny 6 foot tree. Tonight, Nana brought over a new ornament for Luke with a tiger on it. He thought that was pretty cool. He has been really good about not touching the tree or trying to take things off. So far, he just looks and points and likes to find the ornaments that look like Cooper.

JW has been working hard on the drywall in the bathroom and then getting the laundry room drywalled and ready for the new washer and dryer which will come on Saturday. After getting up at 4:30am for a Black Friday doorbuster at Sears... they better work good!

We are still debating baby girl names. Right now I like Charlotte Knox or Nina Knox the most. JW likes Ilse and Tessa and I think Isla (Ila). Decisions...decisions... not one of my strengths. :)


Esther-Rene on December 10, 2008 at 1:54 AM said...

Hi Elizabeth, Janwillem & Luke,

The pictures and the video are so cute. His first real sinterklaas celebration lol. In time when he gets a little older it will be more exciting when he understands what it means lol. Veryyyy cute, Love Esther


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