Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Joy!

We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! We had Christmas Eve at Aunt Amy's house and then Aunt Kathryn spent that night with us. Christmas Day we went to my parents house for dinner. The kids had fun playing together. Luke was a little overwhelmed when people were unwrapping gifts at my parents house. He wanted to stay in the other room and watch and he would call for me "Mommy!!!" (which I hear quite often now!) and then point to the couch next to him and tell me "sit". I have my own little boss now these last few weeks. When we tried to have him go out where all the people, boxes, and paper were he cried like he was really injured! As soon as we left the room though he was calm. So I think he was just a little overwhelmed and I guess the piles of boxes and paper were taller than him so maybe he seemed like he was going to get lost in the shuffle! Luckily, he calmed down after things were unwrapped and he ran around like normal playing with all the new toys. He especially loved a little tikes electric guitar (which was not his- it was cousin Colin's!). Luke never let the guitar go allllllll night and he would run around then stand in place and jam with it, rocking back and forth and bending over and bouncing up and down. The weather was terrible the day after Christmas with a layer of ice on everything so we were stuck inside all day. Now it is Saturday and it feels like Spring! We just took a long walk and there were actually "warm" breezes! I told JW it feels like we are in Florida except we are surrounded by ice on the lake and a muddy mess everywhere! Hey, a girl can dream right? I compared it to what it felt like in Hawaii but JW said that was a little bit of a stretch! We have had some relaxing days at home so we are very thankful for that. It's nice to be home all together with not much to do! :)

Luke has been busy here making Christmas cookies...

Riding in his new dump truck....

Playing rescue "ehscoo!" with his new firetruck and fireman "guy"



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