Thursday, December 18, 2008

28 Weeks

Well here we are at 28 weeks already. I had a doctor's appointment today and I was also scheduled to do the glucose tolerance test. This is where you have to drink some nasty glucose/fruit punch and then wait an hour to have your blood drawn to see if your body processes the sugar correctly. Blah! I am glad that is over with. I also had my finger pricked to check iron levels. They said my belly is measuring right where it should be for 28 weeks (I'm glad they don't measure any other body parts since I am sure those are getting wayyyy bigger than necessary!). I don't usually weigh myself so it's kind of depressing to have to get on a scale every month and see the numbers climb! Now I have to go back every 2 weeks so that will really shock me to see how many pounds I can pack on in 2 week time frames! My blood pressure was a little higher than previous appointments but still in a good range (I'm blaming it on a stressful day!). The baby was moving around a lot so it was hard to get a heart beat count but eventually she held still for 6 seconds and it was a good 140 bpm.
I have one more day of school before Christmas Break... an ice/snow storm is forecasted for tonight so maybe our vacation will start a day earlier than expected. My sister Kathryn is home now from IU so we are excited to spend some time with her. We just found out that one of JW's cousins will be staying with us between Christmas and New Years. Unfortunately, we don't have an extra room right now since the baby room is under construction still.Maybe I can convince JW to get the door put on this weekend and some drywall around it so she could at least have a place to sleep without having to move Luke into our room. It wouldn't be pretty but at least it would be a room!
I hope you all enjoy this weekend before Christmas! We may be snowed/iced in here in Indiana. :)



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