Sunday, October 4, 2009

More Than Corn

There's more than corn in Indiana... but there sure is a heck of a lot of it around right now! Getting into the Fall spirit, Nana and I took Colin, Luke, and Charlotte to a corn maze. The boys were already approaching naptime so it was a gamble on how the afternoon would go! They had a great time running through the corn and deciding which way to go next. Colin (who is notoriously clumsy at times) tripped at least 4 times in the maze. I can still here his loud "aghhhh!!" everytime like he couldn't believe he fell down again! Then we snuck through some thick corn to reach the pumpkin patch! With all the pumpkin vines in the patch both boys were tripping... but still having fun. One of the best things about this farm was that in addition to the maze and pumpkin patch they had a pumpkin sling shot to shoot little pumpkins into a pond, a tricycle race track, and a big slide going down a hill. Even though the boys were getting tired, they perked up for shooting pumpkins out of a slingshot and Luke did the slide first with me and then by himself about 4 more times! He loved the slide!

The weather has been so cold, rainy, and dreary this weekend so it was nice to get out and enjoy some Fall activities while the sun was out! It definately helped wear out the two toddlers and they have some fun new experiences to talk about now.


Anonymous said...

What a great place for the kids. How fun!


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