Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Well, we have our first case of the grummies for the season. Luke woke up in the middle of the night with a fever and coughing. Of course, I watched an informational program on the swine flu last night so I am freaked out! I'm sorry, I mean the h1n1 flu! I don't care what they say... swine flu is just catchier so that's what I continue to call it. If they wanted to get away from the idea of pigs and people being afraid to eat pork then they should have come up with a snazzier name than h1n1. So right now I am wondering whether to call the doctor. Luke's technically in a high risk group of under 4 years old and I read that you should call the doctor when you see symptoms for them. He has a gunky sounding cough, fever, runny nose... hard to tell with 2 yo if he has a headache or body aches. Charlotte has a dry cough every once in awhile so I am keeping an eye on her closely. I pray she doesn't get it as well, no matter what it is! Right now, Luke has some tylenol in him and he is laying on his new spider man foam fold out couch (I couldn't resist!) and he is happily watching the movie Bolt. Charlotte is napping in her crib after having gotten up at 6:00am still. Let's hope we are all healthy soon!
Back to mommy duty...



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