Sunday, October 4, 2009

Like the New Look?

You may have noticed that my blog started to look a little bit different lately! Through Twitter I met Nicole a.k.a the Grudgemom who was offering to help people redesign their blog! I took her up on the offer and she has been working hard over the last month on a new design and I love it! I didn't give her much to go on as far as a design theme and she did a wonderful job. I like to call it my "big girl blog" since I have a more updated layout with links along the top for reviews and giveaways (If I ever have those opportunities come along!). She is also a mom of an adorable little girl named Penny and a great advocate for breastfeeding. Check out her blog and some of her other design work along her right hand column. Thanks Grudgemom!


Anonymous said...

Love it it looks great!


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