Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sling & Swaddle Journey Begins!

For the month of June, I am using Twitter to tweet some adventures in mommyhood in a competition of 30 moms. Today our package arrived with the new Hotsling baby carrier (After much deliberation and consultation with every female family member, I chose the Kyoto fabric pattern!) and we received two new Miracle Blankets! Woohoo! I love free stuff! I knew I loved the Miracle Blanket and have already been using our old one with her since she came home from the hospital. I'm excited to have a pink one for her to wear since we like to girl it up around here now. I was curious about the Hotsling because I was secretly envious of every mom I saw in (mostly) Target wearing cool patterned slings. The Sleepywrap is very comfy but when the baby is little it is kind of hidden in there and so people aren't aren't sure what you have going on with your outfit! So now I can go to Target and feel like a hip mom- and that's VERY important. haha
I was a little nervous that I wasn't going to choose the right size of Hotsling, they have a nifty chart but it has a lot of descriptors and I wasn't sure if I fit totally in that category. I ended up getting a size 4 and I think it will work great! The neat this is that the sling can be used from 8 pounds to 35 pounds! Depending on the way you position the Hotsling it can be used to cradle a tiny baby or help lug the big kid on your hip. I have to try to get Luke in there, just for fun. He always follows me around in the morning saying "Mommy carry me!" I will share some fun pics of the kids in the Hotsling when I get more time to play with it!
Today JW continued to work on Charlotte's nursery. We debated on whether to get sage green or a pink for the walls. I opted for "Paris Pink" which reminded me of a peachy/pink ballet shoes color. JW agreed on it and said it was light enough- he thought if it was too dark then we would all look like we were glowing. So he got most of the room painted and announced that it looked like he had a bad sunburn! It is a little shocking to the eyes right now haha but I am hoping that once we get the big white trim up and the white crib/curtains/etc. it will tone it down a bit. I don't think he will want to repaint anytime soon so Paris Pink it is! Luke has been fascinated by the whole painting process and hovering outside the door to watch Daddy. He was hamming it up and I tried taking some pictures- enjoy! I think you will be able to tell which one is his classic "mean face" followed by a smile since I told him I would stop taking pictures if he smiled for me.

Charlotte is turning into quite the big girl lately. I swear she grew overnight last night! She seems like a big squishy, cuddly, bundle of baby all of the sudden. The last two days she keeps holding her right arm out straight with a fist! If I hold something out to her and encourage her she really seems to try to grab it but it takes a lot of effort! She also enjoys hearing nursery rhymes and doing the little motions with them. I got a laugh today for "The Grand Old Duke of York..." and when I sang "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". She continues to sleep through the night and makes her momma proud!
She may be saying: "Do You Want a Knuckle Sandwich?"



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