Thursday, June 11, 2009

Let's Go Out To A Movie!

Tonight Luke went to see his first movie. We saw "UP" in 3D (well I saw it in 3D, he didn't keep the glasses on so he saw a sometimes blurry 2D). Nana came along for moral support (and movie popcorn) since we weren't sure how Luke would do sitting and watching a movie for that long! It was fun and he did a good job. It also helped that the movie was super cute and had a great message for adults as well. A few tear-jerker moments for me! We learned that Luke DOES NOT like popcorn and he DOES NOT want to wear dorky 3D glasses like his mom and Nana haha. Halfway through he got a little antsy and climbed on my lap. He was fascinated by the lightning and thunder in one scene and had to repeatedly tell me "thunder..boom boom...splatt splatt" during quieter moments of the show (thanks Dr. Suess and 'The Wonderful Sounds Mr.Brown Can Do!'). He jumped a few times and got caught up in the dramatic parts so I think he got the whole movie experience!

Daddy stayed home with Charlotte and had a great time. She loves the sounds he makes and always smiles and giggles. I love hearing her laugh- it makes her seem so much older! Whenever she hears JW's voice she starts looking around for him. She needs to practice taking a bottle but she wasn't very cooperative for him tonight. Eventually she took a little bit but it wasn't her favorite bottle so she didn't do as well as she had done before.

I've taken some cute pictures that I will just tag on to the end of this post. I love the outdoor pics of Luke- my camara is so fickle, I never know when things will turn out good or not! Maybe I should read the manual!


Wendy at Babies Gotta Have It on June 15, 2009 at 9:32 PM said...

Those are some sweet kids!

Congrats to your little man on his first movie! Honestly, my first movie was "The Goodbye Girl." My parents were wonderful but...really? I don't remember much, but I'm pretty sure it was totally inappropriate for a five year old! Not scary, though, I will say that.

First move that really made an impression on me was "Star Wars." Your little guy will remember this fondly, I'm sure! Movies are magic!


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