Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Daddy's Day Trip

Monday we decided to take our first family road trip in honor of Daddy for Father's Day. I was a little nervous since Charlotte usually doesn't ride very well in the car. We went up to the big Cabela's store and then to the IKEA store up in Michigan. We hadn't really traveled much with the Garmin GPS that JW got for Christmas so that was fun as well. We just went where the lady told us to go! I didn't expect to be going through Ohio on the way up, but that is the way she sent us! The ride up wasn't too bad (about 3 hours if you aren't stopping). I only had to crawl in the backseat once to try to cheer Charlotte up. You would think in an SUV there would be enough space for 2 car seats and a person but really there isn't! I was uncomfortably wedged in between but it was better than listening to crying. She was happy to have someone talk to her and show her things. Luke was busy linking his arm in my bra strap and making me pick something up so that he could just knock it down again (because that's sooooo much fun!). The cutest thing he said on the way up was, "See those popcorns Daddy???" in reference to the corn fields! He is a little cutie, even though he is a stinker at times!

At Cabela's they have a large mountain of stuffed (dead) animals in different scenes. Luke loved looking at all the different scenes. He also loved the freshwater aquariums and the little fish "river" where you could feed trout! You could throw a little pellet of food in and the fish would rush towards it and sometimes jump out of the water to get there first! Daddy had a good time even though Luke got a little restless towards the end. He was ready for a nap.

Luke wouldn't pose with me here but Kathryn says we have the same expression!

After Cabela's we managed to go North about 30 minutes to an IKEA store. We need to get a Wardrobe/closet for our bedroom since we currently don't have any hanging space for clothes. However, as cool as IKEA was, I didn't realize how it was like a giant (pretty) maze! We were a little overwhelmed since Luke was very tired and wanting to run away. Luckily, I had Charlotte in the Hotslings carrier and she was happy the whole time and I had two free hands to get Luke! It ended up being a little too stressful though to make a decision on anything but at least I know what they have and the costs. On the trip home I had to spend the majority of the time wedged between the car seats again. Luke was starting to get psychotic! He blew raspberries for literally 5 minutes straight at one point. JW was like, "Well, he's going to run out of spit eventually!" Then he was yelling "Go Daddy Go Daddy Go Daddy!!" over and over and over again FOR-EV-ER! Then he ended with one "Go Mommy!" which made me laugh. It was a little frustrating because Charlotte was trying to fall asleep but Luke would yell or make a weird noise or something and it would wake her up and she would cry. But eventually we made it back home again. :)



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