Thursday, May 21, 2009


I LOVE being a mom. I feel it is what I am meant to be in life... as well as an awesome (har har) SLP (Speech Language Pathologist). It is difficult being a parent but it is also very rewarding! People are always asking if we are "done" having children now that we have a boy and a girl. Often finances are brought up as a reason to just stop at two. To me, I don't think it is all about finances. Luke and I were in the car the other day and (of course) running late and much to my despair we were stuck behind a school bus. Then the cutest thing started happening. At every stop, a child would run off the bus and into the arms of their brother and/or sister waiting for them in the driveway. The kids were all smiling big and smaller ones would be jumping up and down with excitement that their sibling was finally home from school! It was such fun to see such pure bliss! At this point in my life I really enjoy having a family with small children. I know they will get older and eventually less cooperative but hopefully we can have a family that enjoys doing activities and building memories together. If you ask me now, I can imagine at least one more child added to the mix. Mom, don't freak out on me! haha When JW and I discuss it, we say let's wait 2-3 years and then see how it is going. I think that would be a good idea since Luke would be approaching kindergarten age and Charlotte would be becoming more independent at that time. Anyways, I imagine what it will be like when the kids are older and how great it will be when they are interacting together. I am sure it won't always be rosy, but I do imagine them having a close sibling relationship (eventually!) and it would be great to have another sister or brother in the mix. The sibling rivalry may have started already though, Charlotte was kicking and wiggling her arms around, like 2 month olds do, and her hand went towards Luke's bowl of mini-marshmallows. He yelled "No!" like she was going to take one of his precious marshmallows... trust me, this kid does not share his marshmallows (I've tried!). I am thinking to myself, just wait until she is 6 months older and she really is trying to grab his food or toys haha! I think our household will get a lot louder with fits being thrown, but I also hope the laughter gets louder as well.



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