Friday, May 8, 2009

Say, "I'm smart!".... "I fart!"....hmmm

I do think Luke is very smart little boy even if he can't say it correctly yet! He has been enjoying swimming lessons with his Daddy. Luckily, Daddy enjoys it as well so Mommy can just watch and take pictures. JW spared me the horror of having to don a swimsuit 6 weeks after having a baby! haha This is Luke's third time with swim lessons and he really is starting to understand and even looks like he is doing a little dog paddle with Daddy holding him. JW also has been having him jump off the side of the pool and catching him and then you turn them towards the wall so they know what to do if they fall in.... Last night Luke jumped off the wall for the first time without holding Daddy's hands. He was very proud of himself. He also enjoyed throwing a little toy octopus out in front of him and swimming for it. It cracks me up that he kept going "See that Mommy? See that octopus?" Here are a few of the cute videos of I got him jumping and swimming.



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