Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Looooong Day...

Yesterday was a long day for Mommy, Daddy, and Luke. I don't think Charlotte had a clue! JW was gone all morning and into the afternoon. From the time Luke woke up and came upstairs he was crying, whining, and throwing fits. I am not quite sure what the problem was. The day before he didn't have a nap but then went to bed early and slept a good 12-13 hours that night. I thought maybe he was just messed up with his sleep or maybe he is getting molars or maybe he has a headache or growing pains.. I dunno! Maybe it's just being 2! :) He took a nap in the afternoon but he still acted out the rest of the evening. He kept trying to hit and throw things at us... we are still trying to be consistent with the time outs (because basically that is all we know how to do! haha). Then we went to Lowe's to look for a paint color for Charlotte's room. While I was trying to decide, Luke was grabbing all the little paint swatches. I was trying to keep the workers from seeing the mess we were making because there was no way I could find the correct slots to put them back. I had Charlotte in the cart as well and Daddy had disappeared to go look at something. I pushed the cart a little farther out so Luke couldn't reach the swatches and he goes (really LOUDLY by the way) "No! You get time out!!!" accompanied by his mean face. I almost had to laugh (but I know that's not good to do)... I'm sure I smirked and I think I said "ohhhh, really??". I hope that's not what we sound like when he gets a time out! I try to be very controlled and stern, but not yelling. Anyways, he may be testing us a little with the time outs and behavior or he just had a really bad day. At one point, JW said in a smarmy tone, "You still want 4 kids?" and I kept my mouth shut... No Comment! haha
We were both afraid this would continue into today but so far he seems like he is in a much better mood. Thank God!



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