Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Watch Me Jump!

So far this summer Luke's been crazy about going fishing, catching frogs, and now that its HOT outside he wants to go swimming in the lake. JW always goes with him on the paddle boat to where its really deep and you can't see any "seaweeds". Then they put the anchor out and jump off and pretend to push each other off, etc. I don't like to swim in the lake unless I can see clear water with sand under me! There's a few places you can anchor out that are like that and its nice to lay on rafts and just float there (although with 2 small children I rarely get the chance to do this!). Luke's been begging JW to take him out every evening and he can usually talk him into it. Tonight it was my turn! Of course, I tried to take my camara and get some cute shots but he doesn't want his picture taken much. haha This little boy is so stinkin' cute, I think I'm spoiling him this summer and giving into him too much lol.

He is usually is a pretty good boy still but I've been letting him skip the afternoon nap and you can tell that he is tired when the tears start flowing over every little thing. It gets exhausting towards the evening but then if he does take a nap then its really hard to get him to fall asleep at a decent time. But like I said he's so stinkin' cute that when he smiles sweetly and tries to bargain with me for no nap or just one more jump... he usually wins.



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