Saturday, September 5, 2009

She Likes to Move It! Move It!

(Anyone else have that annoying lemur toy from McDonalds that sings that phrase repeatedly?? We sing that around here a lot since it gets stuck in your head!)
Well Charlotte is officially on to a new era in her babyhood... she is mobile! Last weekend she really started pulling herself along by her arms and pushing with her feet so that she scoots in a belly crawl/army crawl/creeping mode. Point of the matter is, the girl gets where she wants to go! No more laying her down and walking away for a moment or having her lay happily on a towel in the bathroom while I shower.... she gets into everything! Luke has some toys with small parts that we have to make sure are picked up and of course there is always a stray piece of cereal on the floor from having a toddler around so we will have to keep more of an eye on her. She also is starting to go straight for Luke, Cooper, or any non-toy item she spots. She kind of "chased" Luke today while he was standing and playing his guitar while "Mighty King" was playing on THe Lion King dvd... we had to rewind several times mind you. So this was serious business of him playing his guitar-tar along with the song and he didn't appreciate his sister coming after him no matter where he moved! He ended up tapping (kind of a test hit I think) her on the head with the guitar and then harder so he got a time-out. He did say sorry right away and she didn't even cry so it wasn't that bad BUT here come the times of siblings fighting over toys I think!


Anonymous said...

Oh I just want to squeeze her cheeks.


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