Friday, July 24, 2009

Knee, Work, and Bumbo Fun

Well, with the help of his physical therapist and lots of exercises, his knee is doing pretty well. He still is supposed to wear a special knee brace for a year post-op when working. He was released from Workman's Comp. a few weeks ago, but was immediately laid off. We aren't sure how long he will be laid off but we are hoping that business picks up soon. He was bummed to not go back to work. I was bummed to not have him go back to work! haha However, this is allowing him to try to finish up projects at home (i.e. CHARLOTTE's Nursery!!!), spend more time with the kids, and work on his online Ethics course he is in the midst of completing as part of his Associate's degree/Journeyman Electrician courses. So our weeks seem to be flying by and I really want to put the brakes on! I am starting to get a sick feeling in my stomach when I think about having to go back to work full time after being home for so long! I am blessed to be able to have5 months at home with Luke and my new baby girl, but sometimes I wish I could at least work part time. Maybe someday, huh? The way things are going right now, I am afraid JW will be the Stay at Home Dad and I will be the full time worker (bleh!). When I am working, I can't imagine staying home all the time and when I am home all the time, I can't imagine working. It may take me awhile, but I will find a balance again once school starts. I am also venturing into becoming a part-time supervisor this year. I will still remain at the same schools but also adding a few others. I will supervise a 4 year Bachelor's level speech aide. This means she will be doing the therapy with kids while I complete lesson plans, do all testing, paperwork, conferences, etc. I also hope I can find the right balance in this new position and that it doesn't add too much stress! :) In other less downer news, Nana found a Bumbo seat on sale today! I have wondered whether this would be a useful product since Charlotte gets restless and wants to sit up all the time, but doesn't quite have the trunk support yet! I was surprised that it was hard to get her chunky little thighs through the leg holes! Luke had to sit in it as well and his thighs must be thinner than hers because he just popped right in! Both of them had fun looking at each other and interacting from the Bumbo seat. Charlotte REALLY loves watching her big brother. She is fascinated by Luke. I can't imagine how they will be interacting when they get older. I think it's going to be hilarious!
Other things that are popular in our house this week:
* Luke's "Cars" light up sneakers (Diego shoes have been worn down to the rubber inside)
* Humpty Dumpty (Daddy even knows from memory that it's on page 55 of the Mother Goose book)
* Ronnie crying on Big Brother (I get to pretend to cry & Luke pats my arms and says "There, there, it's okay"
* Grapes
* Attempting to do hand sign (thumb & pinkie out) and say "Hang Ten Dude!" or "Cool Dude!"



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