Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Here are my five favorite Momfinitions (Motherhood inspired definitions). This link has tons of great funny ones!

Motherload: (Noun)- As seen pictured above- All the baby junk you have to cram into the diaperbag to be able to go anywhere. May or may not include diapers, wipes, pacifiers, toys, blankies, sippy cups, bottles, hand sanitizer, powder, changing mat, extra clothes, wetbags, snacks, bandaids, crunched up cheerios and countless crumbs at bottom of the bag are a constant feature. Forget anything crucial-(i.e. extra change of clothes for baby or Toddler's juice cup) and your heart may skip a beat. "I'll be ready in a second, I don't want to forget the motherload!"

Twurse: (Verb)- Tweeting your thoughts while nursing on Twitter. Much easier done if you can tweet from phone or laptop and not the desktop like I have to do. "Baby is having a growth spurt, I've been twursing for the last hour"

Twump: (Verb)- Similarly, filling the often boring minutes when you must pump by tweeting on Twitter. "I hate pumping, twumping makes it a little more entertaining."

Death Spiral: (Verb)- When holding Toddler in the store and he chooses to spin wildly in your arms like an alligator in the attempt to be released from your arms so he can run away. "Watch out, he's going into the death spiral!"

All-Night-TV-A-Thon: (Noun)- Those first few weeks with a newborn when you are resigned to the fact that you will be up all night and the only way to stay awake is by watching re-runs of House Hunters, Info-mercials, and my favorite early news program World News Now. I'm sure many a steam mop has been sold to new mother's while they wait patiently for baby to eat and go back to sleep. "I THINK I may have purchased the Debbie Meyer greenbags during my all-night-tv-a-thon, but I can't remember if that was real or not."

Got your own funny Momfinitions? Comment and leave me your own hilarious creations!


Summer on July 15, 2009 at 7:46 AM said...

Dude, I Twurse all the time! Love it!

Clueless_Mama on July 19, 2009 at 12:25 AM said...

I love these momfinitions! I have tried to think of some on my own, but can't come up with any...hmmmmmm


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