Monday, June 14, 2010

Frogs and Fishing

Summer is rolling along, a little too quickly I think! Oh well- that's the way it goes. JW has been busy working all year (Thank God!) and then this week he is doing 10 hour days and possibly Saturdays. He's a little bummed right now because World Cup soccer started and he can't just stay at home glued to the TV! I think Holland is playing right now so I better text him the scores throughout the morning. Today, I am taking Luke to the dentist for the first time... I'm a little nervous about that. I'm not sure they will do much more than let him sit in the chair and show him all their cool gadgets and count his teeth. He doesn't seem too afraid yet but he can get shy around new adults so I'm just hoping he lets them look in his mouth! I've been brushing those teeth for three years now and I want reassurance I am doing a good job haha

Luke would love to spend every minute of every day outside along the waters edge. Lately, it has been trying to catch frogs! He could do this allllllllllllll day. We don't actually catch any frogs but he gets close. Right after I typed this, he came up to me and asked if we could go outside. Since Charlotte was still asleep, its much easier to help him do what he wants without having to chase her everywhere! So we hurried and put our shoes on and ran out to the water. We looked in the water, tried to catch frogs, stirred weeds around with a stick which was "making hot chocolate", and saw some fish jump. Then he wants his fishing pole, which always makes me nervous since I've not had to take a fish off of a hook for a long time. While he was still messing with his stick I cast out the bait just for kicks and right away a fish grabbed it! Agh! Here mommy's going "oh no!" and Luke's jumping up and down all excited that we actually got a fish! It was just a little 4 or 5 inch bass but I didn't really want to touch it. It had one of those 3 pronged hooks in its mouth... ughhhh! I tried a few times but couldn't get the hook out.. may have repeated the word crap a few times (nothing worse- I promise!) and then put it back in the water. I gave the fishing pole to Luke and went to get pliers out of Daddy's tackle box. It took a me a few attempts and the fish had to rest in the water a few times in between, but I finally got the hook out! I was so proud of myself and happy for the fish haha. Luke was all smiles that we had caught a fish. So then he wants to take a turn. He dips the bait in off the edge of the pier and to his surprise he caught one! Pulled it up and it was THE SAME FISH!!! Not too bright I guess! Mommy was disappointed that I had to do this hook thing all over again but Luke was so surprised and so happy! Luckily, when we pulled him out of the water and flipped the hook one way he just fell off- Phew!!!

And now by this time I am actually finishing this post I can gladly announce that Holland wins!!! 2-0 over Denmark! Woohoo! That should brighten JW's day even if he is stuck at work. :)



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