Saturday, November 14, 2009

Flying by...

These last few weeks have felt like they are flying by. I can't believe we are halfway through November!!! It's been a rough month so far. My Auny Jayne (and faithful blog reader) had a heart attack a few weeks ago and is still in a coma and on a ventilator. For awhile, it seemed touch and go as to if she would wake up at all, but now we are hearing some positives. So we continue to pray that she pulls through and is back to her knitting and quilting self soon! It seemed like Luke and Charlotte were coughing and/or had runny noses for the last few months. Now they seem pretty healthy and I am thankful for that! Hopefully, we can keep the flu at bay! Charlotte is now 8 months. Wow, she is really starting to interact and making those first steps towards communicating and it warms my heart! She claps when you tell her to or she claps and looks at me and her little eyes say, "Aren't you going to do it too??" or "I'm doing it Mommy!!" (she knows how impressed I am!) and also she started waving "hi" in the mirror a few weeks ago... now she is REALLY doing it when you tell her say "hi" or "bye" she waves with one or both hands haha and just smiles so happy because she knows it makes us smile. She is pretty good at walking along the couch or tables but she has to hold on. She FINALLY started crawling on her knees this week... a REAL CRAWL! She still goes down to her belly though since that's the fastest for her. Luke loves it when she "chases" him and does a really pathetic "Awww.. baby's not doing it" when she won't go after him. Charlotte still likes to be held a lot. Right now we are having sleep issues because I am realizing that at 8 months she is old enough to sleep the whole night in her crib... but she realizes that she is 8 months old and can get what she wants if she just cries! She wants to sleep in between mommy and daddy in their bed and that's what happens every night at some point. I've been talking with JW about getting the carpet installed in her room so that we can finally put her crib in there and help her get used to sleeping in her crib all night. Mommy's gotta get a whole nights sleep at some point this year!! It's starting to wear me out. Luke must be going through a growth spurt lately because he is eating alllll the time. He will eat his dinner really good and then still be asking for more all evening! I'm trying to give him peanut butter sandwiches or cheese or fruit to try to fill him up and he keeps wanting more!! He's such a big boy now but of course he still is my baby hehehe. Here they are tonight in a video... Luke's going crazy with his Wheelie Bug from Oma and Opa and wanting Charlotte to chase him. She starts out on her knees but then goes to her belly fast. She just started waving consistently so I was surprised she did it right away when I said it! So cute!!!!!!!!! Love these kids!

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